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Kanazawa Florist Flowershop
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We are "SHOKAEN" Flowershop at Kanazawa,Ishikawa.

We are treating Freesia Airyflora・FlowerBouquet・Preserved flower・cosage・Stand flower・Foliage plant・Phalaenopsis

Flowershop Kanazawa SHOKAEN
Welcome to SHOKAEN!! Whats kind of tasteful life do you want?
(UPDATE 2 Jun. 2014)


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Bouquet  Arrangement  Preserved Flower   Wedding flower  Cosage  Bridal Bouquet  Hall Decoration
Bukka Sakaki  Hana Cupid  Phalaenopsis  Hall arrangement  Stand flower  Funeral and Sympathy

金沢花屋求人情報 Don't you become a florist?
SHOKAEN is a florist in Kanazawa.

Place of business is Kanazawa and Komatsu. You can meet with impression every day.

Now, we are looking for new staff.
Let's work together with us and impress costomer.
結婚式のお花-金沢正花園 Flowers for your wedding Marriage ceremony about flower arrangement

The flower arrangement about the marriage ceremony By SHOKAEN

There is a lot of proposal of the flower arrangement relevant to a marriage ceremony.

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花屋・正花園に行こう Let's go to SHOKAEN
We have proposed grace to the guests.

SHOKAEN has observed the management concept.We have proposed grace to you.
We always have 150 kinds, 7500 flowers or more.

胡蝶蘭・スタンド花・ホールアレンジ Phalaenopsis・Standing Spray in congratulation

We can make Large-sized flower arrangement in congratulation. When you celebrate them, an office difference, open congratulation, we can propose many kinds of large-sized flower arrangement.

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Preserving Flowers

We treat preserved flower arrangements
.Preserved Flowers are fresh flowers that have been processed to maintain their fresh look and softness for several months.

お花屋さんの作る壁紙ダウンロード Original Wallpaper SHOKAEN

The original wallpaper of SHOKAEN made was updated.
We made these wallpaper for the work made so far to the model.
Of course, download is free.